I was born in 1974 in a town near Dusseldorf in the Western part of Germany and when it comes to wildlife this is not the most spectacular part of the world. Nevertheless I took my first approaches in nature photography when I was still attending school and a proud owner of a Canon analog camera. Due to the lack money and the resulting absence of long lenses during these days, I took pictures of insects and smaller critters most of the time. These were really bad pictures, I must admit today. After my university degree as a designer in 2000, I moved to Hamburg and started as an art-director in the advertising industry where I developed campaigns for brands like Mercedes and Volkswagen. One part of my job was to supervise photo shoots and develop new looks. Thus I really never lost connection to photography and although living in the fancy world of advertising I also never forgot that there was still another world outside. When I went to Africa in 2006 and took a digital camera with me I immediately got hooked on again with nature photography. After a lot of practicing and learning by doing (and doing it wrong) I intensified my photography and expanded my biological knowledge.  In nature and especially in wildlife photography understanding technology and light is just one side of the coin. When you really get into the subject you will find a lot more and even harder challenges. You have to know a lot about the behavior of animals, understand when they are active, how to find and not to disturb them and learn to be patient. And last but not least, you need a lot of luck. Therefore the success rate to get a really good shot is approximately 1%. (At least mine. ;-))

A lot has changed since I made my first steps in photography. Today, I’m full member of the German association of nature photographers (GDT) and with my photography I really hope to make my contribution to the protection of our world and the fragile nature that surrounds us. 

I hope you like some of my images and I would appreciate, if you leave a message or visit me here from time to time.